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Michelada Cups

Donchelada Michelada cups are the best. With our beermix you can make the best michelada cup ever. Adding some Clamato will also enhance the flavor of our salted cups. Drink a Don Chelada today and have a great day.

Refresh yourself with one of our 3 Delicious Don Chelada Micheladas. From mild, spicy and tangy, we know that one will be perfect for you. Our fresh quality ingredients is what separates us from everyone else. Treat yourself to a delicious

Don Chelada Michelada cup today and see why Don Chelada is #1 across the USA in quality and taste. Salud!

Welcome to Don Chelada, home of the largest michelada company in the USA. With 3 factories in the USA, your michelada experience will always be a fresh one.  Don Chelada Michelada has set the standard on how these cups should be, one being, the formula should never be floating in the cup, we put our formula in a small portion control cup that can be sealed again to retain the freshness, we are also the ones that created the coaster lid. We noticed that the coaster lid helped keep the formula even fresher. Drink an ice cold Don Chelada today or as many people call them CHELADA.  Enjoy one today, Salud!