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Delicious Michelada Drink Recipes

Cocktail Recipes Using Michelada Mix

Our genuine Michelada mixes take on a whole new personality when they’re used to create refreshing tequila or vodka cocktail recipes. Unique drinks can be mixed up quickly right in your Don Chelada cups. Enjoy your mixed beverage in the cup, or place your cocktail in a glass with garnishes for extra appeal.

Our liquid Michelada mix provides another way to create a delicious beer beverage or imaginative cocktail. Fun times, great conversation or quiet relaxation all go well with Don Chelada drinks. To mix a non-alcoholic cocktail from one of our Michelada recipes, simply skip the vodka or tequila.

Don Chelada in Your Favorite Cocktail

Any time is a great time to enjoy Don Chelada, so browse our favorite cocktail recipes now. We help you serve guests delicious cocktails when you order Don Chelada drink cups, beer salt or liquid mix that honors the flavor of the original Michelada. Be sure to enjoy one too!

Michelada spice combinations also add a flash of flavor to shrimp, veggies and fruit. Create a fruit medley and place it in your choice of cup. Then, stir the spices from our packet into your fruit. Enjoy an instantaneous taste sensation!