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What is a Michelada?

Michelada is a type of ‘Cerveza Preparada’ (prepared beer), a traditional Mexican beverage that mixes assorted spices, peppers, lemon and lime, with beer. Don Chelada is the leader and innovator of the Michelada prepared cup market and uses only the freshest ingredients for its spicy Mega Rim that lasts for two beers!



Think of a Bloody Mary with Beer Instead

Sometimes touted as the ‘Mexican Bloody Mary’, the Michelada is lighter and more approachable than its vodka-fueled American cousin. The drink has become so popular, in fact, that large beer companies have taken serious notice, and over the last decade or so have begun introducing Michelada-inspired brews to their lineups.

Instructions for Mixing Your Don Chelada Beverage

Take off the lid and empty the enclosed spices into your cup. Fill with 24 ounces of your favorite beer. Pour slowly so the suds can settle. Once your Don Chelada Michelada is filled, let sit for a minute and it's ready to enjoy! Our rich formula allows for an additional 12 oz. beer to be added when you're halfway into your Don Chelada. Don't stop there! Depending on your taste, you can add one last beer. Click here to see our list of Don Chelada recipes!

What's In Our Micheladas?

Our Michelada mix and Mega Moist Rim are made with a long-lasting, winning combination of natural ingredients: chile powder, lemon powder, sea salt, sugar, pepper, citric acid, and silicone dioxide (for anti-clumping).