About Don Chelada

Authentic Michelada Ingredients

In 1969, the original michelada recipe was created in Mexico. Today, Don Chelada carries on the tradition of blending bold, refreshing ingredients to enhance beer and cocktails. The brand stands out as the market leader in providing authentic michelada mixes, which feature quality ingredients that boost the flavor experience of food and beverages.

It’s simple to use Don Chelada products to make original, boldly flavored micheladas, delicious cocktail recipes, and appetizing snacks. Our exciting lineup of products includes:

What is a Michelada? Find out how Don Chelada captures the spirit of this original from Mexico.

A Flavorful Mexican Beer Mix

A Don Chelada Michelada is easy to enjoy, whether you choose the cup, liquid mix or beer salt. Find our products for creating a flavorful or spicy beer in thousands of locations across the United States: convenience stores like 7-11; grocery stores such as H-E-B; retailers like Wal-Mart; liquor stores, including Gabriel’s and Specs; and the list goes on. Find a retail location near you today, or order online and receive superior customer service! 

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