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Don Chelada’s Michelada products include our popular cups in spicy, lemon lime and original flavors. Every cup features our unique Mega Moist Rim and comes with a packet of specially blended ingredients, which are the key to making the perfect Michelada — a beer with flavor enhancers. We offer the perfect cups to suit your mood, taste or beverage.

Our Michelada mix is a fully blended liquid for the quick and easy creation of delicious Micheladas or cocktails. It comes in our rich, original flavor. We also offer beer salt in single or bulk options. This savory salt is a popular choice for spicing up a beer or a fruit salad. Enjoying all that Don Chelada offers is as simple as ordering online or visiting a nearby store.


Wear Don Chelada Inspired Apparel

Fans of Don Chelada Micheladas can wear our comfortable, great-looking t-shirts. This is the the ideal apparel for the beach, the pool, a picnic or anytime you’re celebrating with Micheladas. Wear your favorite apparel the next time you’re mixing up a Michelada beer cocktail. We have a few cocktail recipe ideas right here! Why not put a Don Chelada shirt in your shopping cart now? It's Michelada time!